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RETAILBOSS is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs and businesses in the retail industry to connect, learn and partner. Founded by Jeanel Alvarado, a retail strategist with over 10 years experience, and former Senior Managing Director of the School of Retailing at the University of Alberta, School of Business.


Founded by Jeanel Alvarado, a retail scientist and consultant, with experience working as a business consultant for large retail companies. She has a vast network of industry leaders in fashion and beauty to media and entertainment that she regularly taps into to bring entrepreneurs knowledge, resources and advice from the top industry professionals in business from marketing and branding to merchandising and business operations.

Jeanel is the former Senior Managing Director of The School of Retailing and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Alberta; Alberta School of Business (1 of The Top 5 Business School’s in Canada) and a Certificate in Real Estate. In addition, Jeanel holds Diplomas in Fashion Marketing & Buying and Business Management Studies.

At RETAILBOSS™ we are excited to welcome you to our community, to keep you more informed and up to date with retail news, trends and of course marketing/business (biz) tips to help you  grow a profitable e-commerce business.


This is for serious entrepreneurs, small businesses and/or start-ups who are working towards developing, scaling, and growing a successful retail-based business. 

The ideal businesses are any retail-related business. This can include e-commerce retailer, specialty boutiques, apparel brand, cosmetic brand, beauty supplies, private label brands, food & beverages, CBD products, online marketplaces, subscription box, stationary, toys and more.


You can expect to receive real-time tips and advice that you can implement in your business. We will keep you up-to-date with recent retail news for small businesses, and trends within the retail industry; alongside share success stories of your own and other members to keep ya' all on track and motivated to succeed! 

What's all included:

+ Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about creating profitable fashion and retail-related businesses.

+ Foster new relationships with other RETAILBOSS™ members by participating in our virtual socials, seminars, interviews, Instagram (IG) lives and events.

+ Access daily business tips and techniques from industry experts and successful fashion and retail entrepreneurs. 

+ Access weekly webinars online, always taught LIVE so you can engage with others RETAILBOSS™ members and participate in Q&A’s with our facilitators! 

+ Be the First to know about all upcoming IG TV Lives, Facebook Lives, YouTube videos, Podcasts and more!

+ STARTUP INSIDER™: Exclusive discussions + resources from invited special guest speakers. Gain access to our “STARTUP INSIDER™ SERIES”, audio only, on our very own RETAILBOSS™ Radio (podcast) ! 

+ Always stay up-to-date with the latest Retail Industry News. 

+Turn on push notifications directly to your phone via our Mighty Networks App (please be aware that your mobile service provider may charge a fee which is out of our control). Alternatively, you can receive notifications by e-mail. 

+ Your access to our chat secures you receive priority access to our RETAILBOSS™ Summit featuring top industry experts around the globe, hosted online.

+ Ask questions, get feedback and advice from the  RETAILBOSS™ community membership anytime, anywhere.

+ Be the first to be featured in our IG story when you successfully launch your business!





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